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Good job, protective Jupiter and starry maid Astraea! No comments:. Individual and independent forward thinkers. They love to travel, shake up routines and seek out the exotic or new. They are positive and may be into philosophy or different cultures. Their impulsive nature can make them temperamental at times. They may have had unusual or individual mothers. They could have grown up unsure of their place in the world. It may help them to try to obtain some consistency in what they choose to do.

Cautious and careful, they like to strategise and plan their route in life. They appreciate respect and work hard to achieve their goals. They may appear unemotional but like to hide their softer side behind a competent demeanour. They could have felt a lack of protection from their mother and may have had to learn self preservation at an early age.

As a consequence they may struggle with vulnerability and should try to trust in others more. Unique individualists they like to do things outside the box. They may be social but also like spending time alone. They could be intelligent or have an interest in human nature. They can be in touch with others feelings but may neglect their own. They could have had mothers that expected too much or they may have had to conform in some way and found it hard to fit in.


They should learn to accept themselves and embrace their own differences. Compassionate and kind they can be sensitive to others emotions. They have the capacity to heal and create a balm for others if they wish to. They can be very romantic, soft hearted and may be creative.

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They may have had a mother who was very emotional or led an unstable life in some way. They may struggle with practicalities and keeping their feet on the ground. Being in touch with nature or healthy relationships will help them keep grounded.

Named from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune is often associated with dreams, fantasy and visions. As the ruler of Pisces it can represent compassion, love, mysticism and that which is kept hidden or secret.

These are peace seeking individuals, who often look for harmony particularly within their own personal relationships. They may have a certain amount of indecisiveness and their idealistic nature may conflict with reality at times. These individuals may have a fascination with mysticism, the occult, religion or even the paranormal. They can swing between the light or darker sides of life and enjoy the depths of nature. They could either be self serving or very selfless. These individuals can be very spiritual and may even have psychic abilities.

Philosophy, politics and travel might also be high on their agenda. They could be idealistic dreamers and like to delve into the meaning of everything. These individuals can be very interested in the arts. Refined and traditional they prefer a conservative and steady approach. They like to plan, dream and may even achieve their own successes. They may be prone to secrecy and could distance themselves from their own or others feelings.

These individuals like to bring people together and work for the greater good.

Astraea: Cosmic Muse & the Golden Age

They can be loyal to those they care for. Individualists with unique approaches, they may have a hard time distinguishing between science and mysticism. These can be spiritual or empathic individuals. They could be people pleasers or may be well liked in general. They can devote a lot of time to pondering the meaning of life and may excel or lose themselves in the process.

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Posts Archive. Taurus Mercury These individuals like down to earth, sound and practical ideas. Gemini Mercury Talkative, witty with very fast thinking brains. Cancer Mercury Emotionally intelligent, these individuals like to make decisions intuitively.

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Leo Mercury These individuals are strong in their views and have creative minds. Virgo Mercury Practical and sharp, these individuals like to take in all the details. Libra Mercury Fair minded and well balanced, they like to weigh up their thoughts. Scorpio Mercury These are deep thinkers with keen and penetrating minds.

Capricorn Mercury They have shrewd, down to earth and pragmatic minds.