Similarities between astronomy and astrology

Both study stars and celestial bodies. However, astrology interprets their movements and positions as if they had influence over human affairs. Your Name. Your Email. Your Website.

Astronomy vs astrology

Comparison Board Astronomy Astrology Definition Astronomy is the science that studies the Universe: celestial bodies, planets and their satellites, comets, meteorites, interstellar matter, stars, galaxies and anything related to everything outside the terrestrial atmosphere. According to astrology, there is a parallelism between the stars cause and everything that happens within the Earth effect. Astro means stars, while nomos means law, regulation.

It literally means regulation of the stars, of heavenly bodies.

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Astrology is less ancient of a word than astronomy. Given that they both share the same Greco-Latin roots; they meant the same for a while and were used indistinctly. It's all very imaginary and fanciful, but some people do derive a lot of satisfaction from fiddling with it. While astrology has no scientific basis, it did play a preliminary role in the development of astronomy. This is because early astrologers were also systematic stargazers who charted the positions and motions of celestial objects. Those charts and motions are of great interest when it comes to understanding how stars and planets move through space.

Astrology diverges from astronomy when astrologers attempt to use their knowledge of the sky to "predict" future happenings in people's lives.

In ancient times, they did this mostly for political and religious reasons. If an astrologer could predict some wonderful thing for his or her patron or king or queen, they might get to eat again. Or get a nice house.

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Or score some gold. Astrology diverged from astronomy as a scientific practice during the years of the Enlightenment in the Eighteenth Century, when scientific studies became more rigorous.

Astronomy vs. Astrology: What’s the Difference?

It became clear to scientists of that time and ever since then that no physical forces could be measured emanating from stars or planets that could account for the claims of astrology. In other words, the position of the Sun, Moon and planets at a person's birth have no effect on that person's future or personality.

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In fact, the effect of the doctor assisting with the birth is stronger than any distant planet or star. Most people today know that astrology is little more than a parlor game.

Except for astrologers who make money off of their "art", educated people know that the so-called mystical effects of astrology have no actual scientific basis, and have never been detected by astronomers and astrophysicists. Edited by Carolyn Collins Petersen.

Comparative essay: Astronomy vs. Astrology

Share Flipboard Email. To determine the current year the time required for the earth to orbit around the sun must be calculated. The pattern of Lunar phases and the amount of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis relative to the Sun influence the month and day. Past astrologers also had the ability to figure out the time of day through the use of a sundial. A sundial is composed of a flat surface marked with symbols and a rod in the center.

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Depending on the height of the sun, the rod casts a shadow over several markings, which indicates the current time. The concepts and theories that revolve around the subject of astrology are quite complex. A thorough understanding of what each cosmic alignment and planetary movement represent will make it easier for one to comprehend the message conveyed.

The celestial birth chart acts as a guide to self-understanding and is used to help one discover natural strengths or internal contradictions. Astronomical technologies have influenced many everyday objects people encounter on a regular basis.

What is Astrology?

The wireless local area network is the most famous astronomy-derived invention. By applying the same method used to enhance the images from radio telescopes to radio signals the result was the profound strengthening of computer networks. This process is now regularly incorporated in all WLAN implementations. Observatory technology is also seen commonly integrated into a variety of daily operations. X-rays are used in airports to monitor the contents of luggage.

Difference Between Astrology & Astronomy : Space & Astronomy

Gamma-ray spectrometers are a non-invasive alternative to search for structural issues in historic buildings.